Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pythagorean Program Algorithm & Flowchart

Pythagorean Program Algorithm

Title: Pythagorean
Dictionary: side_a, side_b, side_c
  • Input side a, side b, and side c value of Pythagorean
  • Check if these number are correct Pythagorean numbers
  • If true then print ‘You were input correct numbers’
  • If false then print ‘You were input wrong numbers’.
  1. give suggestion for side c based one side a and side b
  2. give suggestion for side a based one side c and side b
  3. give suggestion for side b based one side c and side a 


    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Running Pythagorean Program

    This is my video about How to running Pythagorean Program.

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    Friday, July 22, 2011

    How Computer Network Work

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    Computer Network Topology Evaluation

    1.     STAR TOPOLOGY
    In this topology computer do not have any direct connection each other. This topology requires one central device to control communication between computers. All computers will connect to this central device or hub.

    ·      Easy to install
    ·      Network didn’t disturbed if one computer have a problem or disconnected
    ·      Easy to find error on this network. Repair computer will not effect on others computer or network performance.
    ·      Depend on hub, if hub broken then this network will down
    ·      Require more cable because each computer directly connected to hub
    ·      More expensive for cable and installation cost.  

    2.     RING TOPOLOGY
    In this topology, computer1 will directly connect to computer2 and so on. The last computer will connect to computer1. To communicate with computer3, computer1 should pass data through computer2. Computer3 will send back data through computer4 and so on until computer1 again (unidirectional).

    ·      Easy to install
    ·      Easy to add or delete device by only moving 2 connector
    ·      If one computer failed than all computer in network will disturb
    ·      When add new device all computer will disturb